SHA Green Village

SHA Village is a new and unique model where, education, health, agriculture, recreation, commercial social enterprises and residential housing are integrated to create a healthy and viable community place that is economically and environmentally sustainable.

The village facilities are designed to complement each other such that the interactions, synergies and potential of each individual component can be optimised.

The Design

The SHA village concept, is designed to make our cities and human settlements, inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable. The model encompasses the larger goals of global sustainability. The design guiding principles include among others: environment, density and urban designs, village centre, local economy, transportation, affordability, water, energy, recycling and wheel chair friendly.

Key Features of the Village

  • Business Centre
  • Agriculture ( Seeds and Fertilisers, Fisheries, Hydroponics, Poultry, etc.) no GMO
  • Recreational Area & Sports field
  • Pre-school & Dispensary
  • Food Pole Manufacturing
  • Bakery
  • Farmers’ Market
  • B&B with conference centre
  • Wheelchair friendly

Get In Touch

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+27 74 467 8796