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Waste Treatment and Power Plant

At Smart House Afrika we solve the government’s waste and energy problems through our polygeneration plants.

Get rid of the tremendous waste around your citie

Produce energy from waste

Make money through treated waste

Obtain 100% financing against your government guarantee

The polygeneration plant runs on waste and produces electricity.
The plant was developed in Austria, and works with tried and tested technology.

How it Works

A preparation sorting machine within the polygeneration plant separates all metals, while the remaining garbage (including oil-contaminated soil and tires) will be processed. This not only produces sufficient energy for the running of the plant, but also excess energy that can then be sold on.

If, for example, a polygeneration plant consumes 700 tonnes of garbage daily, it will produce 10 megawatts of electricity. A plant such as this costs €50 million, and can be 100% financed for 10 years against a government guarantee.

Financing the Plant

Based on the garbage you want to process, the Austrian manufacturer will develop a production and financing program with you, erect the turnkey facility and train your local workers (about 50 to 60 workers need to be permanently employed to run the plant).

All you need to do is send us a letter of intent, declaring your interest in a polygeneration plant. Include the estimated daily consumption of garbage (in tonnes), and the confirmation that for the line of credit your government will issue a guarantee. As security for the loan gold, crude oil and diamonds are also accepted.

To find out more about polygeneration, browse through this document

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