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Smart House Afrika (Pty) Ltd strives to restore the dignity and pride of all people in Africa who seek a better quality of life. Through our partnership with Clever House International, we provide durable and affordable low-cost housing and GAP housing to previously disadvantaged communities.

We have access to unique humanitarian subsidy, and the exclusive rights to build houses in Africa using the cutting-edge Clever House technology. Our high quality houses utilise solar energy and have a 5,000 litre water tank, making them environmentally friendly and eliminate high electricity bills and the risk of fires from dangerous heating in homes.

In addition to houses, Smart House Afrika builds shopping centres, schools, factories and clinics. Our business model also includes economic stimulus programmes to create and sustain permanent employment opportunities, generating skills and income in the communities where we initiate our housing development projects.

Other services offered by Smart House Afrika include the construction of roads using innovative Underbold® technology and polygeneration plants which uses waste to generate electricity.

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