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Harnessing Technology To Provide Low-Cost Housing Solutions in Africa

Smart House Afrika (Pty) Ltd strives to restore the dignity and pride of all people in Africa who seek a better quality of life. Through our partnership with Clever House International, we provide durable and affordable low-cost housing and GAP housing to previously disadvantaged communities.

Our Services

Affordable & Durable Low-cost Housing


We build our houses using the state-of-the-art system of steel frames and foam cement boards. Our aim is to provide people with a better home and improved living conditions.

Economic Stimulus Programmes

Our business model seeks not only to provide people with shelter but also skills and an income, and therefore draw the poorest of communities into the mainstream economy

Road Construction

At Smart House Afrika we challenge conventional road construction with the innovative Underbold® system – a high-tech material manufactured in Germany to strict quality standards.

Polygeneration Technology

Smart House Afrika solves the government’s waste and energy problems through our polygeneration plants.